Langlands School

Langlands School

Celebrating Success

Langlands School provides a nurturing environment that promotes positive behaviour. Our expectations of all (pupils, staff, and the school community) are based on the school values:


  • We will be kind to other people
  • We will celebrate others’ achievements


  • We will include everyone in appropriate learning experiences
  • We will ensure everyone has what they need to take part in learning


  • We will treat everyone fairly
  • We will make sure everyone has equal chances to succeed


  • We will respect other people
  • We will value the views and contributions of others


  • We will help other people when we can
  • We will ask for help when we need it

We celebrate the successes, achievements and effort of others via day to day praise and recognition, as well as messages home and more formal events in school.

Our approaches to managing behaviour in school are in line with the council’s Better Relationships Better Learning expectations, meaning that we are committed to a nurturing, restorative and solution-focused culture.

We will always work with young people and parents/carers in a caring and kind way to resolve any difficulties, rather than taking a punitive approach